The Hope Chest for Women

What is the Hope Chest For Women?

Founded in 2003, Hope Chest for Women was established to help alleviate the financial burden caused by gynecological or breast cancer treatment costs for women across western North Carolina.  HCFW provides financial assistance, education on cancer prevention, community resources, and emotional support for women afflicted with these diseases. This non-profit organization has three main focuses. 

Three Main Focuses:

  1. Provide Medical and Non-Medical Bill Pay Assistance
  2. Educate WNC Residents on the Importance of Cancer Screening and Early Detection
  3. Perform Community Outreach to Cancer Patients and Cancer Support Groups

With these focuses, Hope Chest for Women’s community assistance fund annually supports an average of 100 to 150 women. While the financial support greatly helps patients, HCFW also attends events throughout the community to promote cancer awareness, prevention, and early detection. As an extra step of care, HCFW also visits chemotherapy treatment rooms to deliver care packages and provide emotional support.

As a result of medical hardships, patients often face unbelievably difficult choices. Sometimes they have to choose between receiving treatment or providing for their families. Hope Chest for Women stepped in to help women with things like rent/mortgages, medical bills/prescriptions, gas/transportation, utility bills, and more.  

Charged with the mission of equipping women with support, HCFW focuses its efforts locally on women living in all 22 counties of Western NC. They also help women living outside of WNC, but that receive treatment within the WNC service area. HCFW relies on collaboration with local medical professionals who work with these patients first-hand. HCFW’s medical partners refer potential clients to apply for support services. 

What is BRO’s affiliation with HCFW?

Hope Chest for Women is primarily supported by donors, local businesses, and third-party community fundraising events that benefit their mission. Being charitable is one of Blue Ridge Orthodontics’ core values:

Hope Chest for Women-Charitable

As a result of BRO’s mission of being charitable, BRO is one of the local WNC businesses that contribute to HCFW. Since 2016 BRO makes an annual donation in support of HCFW’s journey of aiding our local WNC women who are afflicted with gynecological or breast cancers. “Giving back and supporting organizations such as these is at the very core of what we believe in and why I founded Blue Ridge Orthodontics,” said Dr. Luke Roberts, CEO & Founder. “It’s especially close to home in that we are a business that employs a large number of women.”


Would you like to see how you can contribute to HCFW or want to know more about their operation? Check out their website!