BRO Down – January 2024

We’re giving away $2,500!

Dr R speaking

During Q1 of 2024 it’s our resolution as an office to give back extra to the community. We’ve set aside $2,500 that will be donated to a local, favorite non-profit, and you get to pick which one! We’ll count all your votes and find the winner. Voting is open until April 1, 2024.

Our team will draw the winner of the non-profit donation and results will be announced via Facebook, Instagram and email.

You will decide who receives the $2,500 donation. Vote for the winner by clicking the button below.

Enter to win a $400 Shoji Spa gift card

Invest in yourself this year and start your 2024 off with a self-care spa trip. Shoji Spa & Retreat is Asheville’s premier Japanese-inspired spa and retreat. They offer everything from a stunning tree-top sauna to relaxing world-class massage packages. This is the perfect gift to start off your new year. This gift is worth an estimated $400.

How to enter:

  • 1 entry point for a Facebook check-in at any BRO location or event
  • 2 entry points for completing your post-visit survey
  • 3 entry points for a Google review for your office location: Asheville, Brevard, or Hendersonville
  • 5 entry points for referring a friend or family member
Enter to win a $400 Shoji Spa gift card

Check out our winner from our recent PS5 giveaway

PlayStation 5 giveaway

Our PS5 winner from our Asheville office

Giving away a PS5

The PS5 winner from our Hendersonville & Brevard offices

A “word” on New Year’s resolutions from Dr. Towler

A “word” on New Year’s resolutions from Dr. Towler

My word for 2024 is mindfulness.

Three words to describe mindfulness are intention, attention, and attitude; all words that, as a full-time working mother of two toddlers, get easily lost in the day-to-day chaos. There never seem to be enough hours in the day, so being intentional with my time – whether that is my own self-care, or fostering relationships with others – is something I can be better at.

Second is being attentive and present in the moment because my babies will only be babies for so long.

I’m working on embracing that it’s okay to not answer that text or email right away if I’m doing something with my family; the world will not implode in my absence!

And, of course, I want to be more mindful of having a positive attitude towards life, myself, and others; not letting outside noise influence my attitude and eliminating judgements towards myself and others. By increasing my mindfulness and checking in with my thoughts, feelings and attitudes in the here-and-now, I’ll be a better me for the future!

– Dr. Lindsay Towler

Vote on BRO’s “word for 2024” here. We’ll report on which word resonates the most with our BRO team and patients!

BRO’s Oral Surgery Department

Our oral surgery department is up and running. We’re continuously working to spread the word and help more community members with their smile health through oral surgery.

How much do you know BRO’s oral surgery team? We have three questions below. See how many you can answer correctly.

What year did Blue Ridge Orthodontics start their oral surgery department?

  1. 2015
  2. 2019
  3. 2021
  4. 2023

Our oral surgery department performs all of the following procedures except:

  1. Wisdom teeth removal
  2. General dental extractions
  3. Expose & bond procedure
  4. Canine transplants

How many patients have been served by our oral surgery department since it opened?

  1. 49
  2. 107
  3. 1157
  4. 2614

See if you answered correctly.

Click the “See answers” button and scroll down to the “Newsletter oral surgery answers” near the bottom of the page.

A note from Dr. Roberts

Blue Ridge Orthodontics donates to the Hope Chest for Women

As another year has come to a close, I’d like to say thank you to all patients, families, team members, local businesses, and community members who supported BRO in one way or another in 2023.

We are able to make a difference in the community because of you!

I look forward to all the good we’re able to do and the positive change we can enact in 2024.

My heart is full,

Dr. Luke Roberts