Charity & Community Service in Western North Carolina

Why Giving Back & Community Involvement Are Core Values for Blue Ridge Orthodontics?

BRO commits to giving $5 million back to the Western North Carolina Community

Our staff cares deeply about our community and we take every opportunity to give back to the people who have supported us since we opened our doors in 2007. Since our practice was founded, charitable giving and community service have been deeply intertwined in who we are as a company; it’s as important to us as producing perfect smiles for our patients

“Being charitable is built into the fabric of who we are as a company: it is one of our Core Values.” – Dr. Luke Roberts

To show our appreciation for all the help we’ve received along the way, we pledged to give $1 million back to our local community.

Today, we’ve almost reached that goal and are currently committed to providing $250k a year in the form of free orthodontic treatment for children who don’t have the resources, community sponsorship opportunities, school support, and more.

In light of all the contributions that we have been fortunate enough to make, Blue Ridge Orthodontics has revised its original goal: we now hope to donate $5 million back to our community in Western North Carolina.

BRO’s Blue Star Program

Providing $250K a Year in Orthodontic Care for People in Need

One of the programs that we are most proud of is our Blue Star Program, which is a commitment that we made to provide $250k each year in orthodontic care to the people who need it most. This program has rewarded us in so many ways since it first started.

“I went into orthodontics to help people, but I never imagined the amazing opportunities that we have to positively impact people’s lives,” explains Dr. Roberts. “I owe everything that I have been blessed with to the support of our community, so I made it my goal to be the most charitable ‘small’ business in Western North Carolina.”

Dr. Roberts and his orthodontic team with blue star recipient in Asehville

The Blue Star Program is one of the ways that we get to bring incredible change into people’s lives. Each year, Drs. Roberts and our team of orthodontists accept nominations for children in our Asheville and nearby communities that are in need of orthodontic care but unable to afford treatment.

We receive letters from the children and their parents. These letters give us insight into their lives, including their hobbies, daily activities, and the obstacles that they are pushing to overcome.

One of our Blue Star recipients, Sam, told us all about his desire to have a new smile:

“I don’t feel confident about my smile and/ or when I smile. I can’t show my teeth and don’t feel that they look right. I have friends and like to laugh I would like to show them my beautiful smile if I had one.”

Other Ways That BRO Gives Back to the Community

While Blue Star remains one of our most well known charitable efforts, we have other avenues through which we’ve been able to help our community in Western North Carolina.

Just recently, we have worked with local non-profit organizations to organize 5Ks and fun runs here in WNC. These are great events for the whole family and our employees always have a blast raising money for a worthy cause!

We’re passionate about offering our support, and that often comes in the form of sponsoring local events. If we can’t put on the event ourselves, we’re more than happy to help someone else achieve their goal through purposeful sponsorship.

We want to see Asheville and our neighboring areas grow and thrive even more than it already has! This city and its people mean the world to us; we’re just happy to be a small part of the good that’s accomplished here.

Non-Profit Organizations We’ve Partnered With

Blue Ridge Orthodontics has been honored to partner with a number of excellent organizations in North Carolina, like Missions Children’s Hospital and Algo Mas.

Together we have managed to make positive change in the lives of hundreds of people around Western North Carolina, but we won’t stop there. Our goals are getting even bigger, and our hope is that we continue to expand our reach to other cities outside of North Carolina and the United States.

Mission Children’s Hospital is the only full-service children’s hospital in western North Carolina. Mission Children’s Hospital provides leading inpatient, outpatient, trauma and urgent care to children and families in Asheville and throughout western North Carolina. With the regions only Child Life Program, Mission Children’s improves the results of pediatric medical experiences through through play, developmentally appropriate education for procedures and/or diagnoses, and expressive activities.

Algo Mas leads teams in building homes for those in need. They have been the connection point for the ministry to come in Juárez. During their missions, volunteers will visit a local spots of cultural importance, dine in the homes of some of the local residents, and immerse themselves in as much as possible of the vibrant and resilient culture.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC has helped over 14,000 children throughout Western North Carolina. Serving ten counties in WNC, their goal is to build those important relationships with children in need. In 2016-2017, almost seven-hundred children benefitted by having a one on one relationship with a Big Brothers Big Sisters of WNC and over 2,000 were served in total. Their goal moving forward is to ensure every child in North Carolina has one to one relationship with a supportive adult who sees their potential and can offer that essential encouragement. They select and match mentors with children facing adversity and provide ongoing activities, training and support services for both families and volunteers to foster a successful match relationship and a lasting connection.

Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit organization that provides housing in local communities across all 50 states in the U.S and 70 countries around the world. Their goal is ensure that every citizen of the world has a decent place to call home. Our staff worked alongside Habitat volunteers to build homes for those in need in Western North Carolina.

Our Voice is a nonpartisan organization that has established itself as the central location for collective political reform. Their goal is to support voters and political organizations in their efforts to improve and change the political landscape for the better.

Founded in 2003, Hope Chest for Women works to provide resources, referrals and general support to relieve the incredible burden associated with breast and gynecological cancer treatment. This organization also works to provide educational resources on cancer prevention and financial support to cancer patients in Western North Carolina.

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