How do I Floss with Braces?

Keeping your braces clean and free from debris is extremely important to the integrity and health of your smile. 

With all of the hardware that comes with braces (brackets, wires, etc.), there are many opportunities for food to hide and get stuck. While of course, you should continue brushing your teeth, there are many things that a toothbrush can leave behind. Flossing in between your teeth and braces brackets to remove the debris that gets stuck in hard-to-reach areas and helps prevent cavities, staining, along tooth decay and gum disease. 

How to Floss Using a Threader

Expect flossing with a threader to take 10-15 minutes.

Step 1: Cut a 15 to 18-inch piece of waxed floss

Step 2: Fit the piece of floss through the threader loop about 4-inches

Step 3: For easy use, you can tie the floss to the threader loop to keep the floss from slipping

Step 4: With the threader pointing down away from the gums, push the threader under the braces wire

Step 5: Gently floss in between teeth and into the gum area

Step 6: Repeat the process through each tooth


How to Floss with Using Interdental Brush

Expect flossing with an interdental brush to take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Step 1: While in front of a mirror, position the brush in your hand just like you hold a pencil

Step 2: Gently slide the brush between each tooth approximately 12-15 times

Step 3: Slide the brush along each tooth surface 2-3 times 

Step 4: Wash your brush in cold running water and store it in a clean place


Flossing with a Water Flosser

Expect flossing with a water flosser to take approximately 2 minutes.

Step 1: Fill the water reservoir with warm water

Step 2: Lean over the sink and place the water flosser in your mouth

Step 3: If there are different settings, start your water flosser on the lowest setting

Step 4: Aim the tip of the water flosser at the gum line and let water flow in between your teeth

Step 5: Once finished, be sure to turn off the water flosser before removing it from your mouth

Note: Be sure to keep your lips closed enough to prevent water from splashing out while using the device


You can also reduce the food that gets stuck in your braces by knowing the right foods to eat or avoid.

Blue Ridge Orthodontics is committed to helping you achieve a gorgeous lifelong smile and you can help by making flossing part of your regular routine! If you have further questions about how to floss with braces, our team is here to help. 

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