Expectations for Getting Your Braces Removed


Congratulations, you made it! Your teeth are finally going to be free of braces. As exciting as this time is, there are still a couple of important things to remember in order to set the right expectations for getting your braces removed. 

Braces Removal Process

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

As you have likely been waiting for this moment for a long time, it is very important to stay realistic. Of course, when you have braces, teeth shift in between appointments. It is possible that even though you set the appointment to have your braces removed, your teeth could still need a little bit more time to adjust. The worst thing would be if you got your braces removed and your teeth weren’t ready. You could have to get braces again in the future or maybe even not keep that straight smile you worked so hard for! So, don’t be discouraged if you go in and the doctor says you need a little more time. 

Budget at Least an Hour for Your Appointment

Removing braces is not a quick process. You should budget for approximately an hour long appointment. During this appointment, your orthodontist will use a special device to loosen each bracket on your teeth. After your orthodontist pops off your brackets, wires, and molar bands, your teeth will need to be thoroughly cleaned. Then, you will be taken to get x-rays and potentially to have a bite impression done to make sure your braces have done their job. To prevent your teeth from shifting, your orthodontist will fit you for a retainer and instruct you of proper use. Needless to say, this process can take some time!

Expect new sensations

Throughout the removal process, you will likely experience some new feelings that you have never experienced before. With the squeezing of brackets there could be some pressure, popping, or cracking. After your brackets are removed the orthodontist will need to remove the dental glue or cement from your teeth. This will be a scraping sensation. While these sensations may be slightly uncomfortable, they are completely normal. Generally the process of having your braces removed is relatively painless and will all be worth it once you get to see your wonderful, braces-free smile!

Time to Celebrate (And Maintain)

Once your braces are off, you will need to make sure you take the proper steps of cleaning your teeth and wearing your retainer to maintain your gorgeous smile. You will want to allow some time to rest and take it easy as your teeth may be a little sore. Be sure to choose what you eat carefully considering your teeth may be a bit sensitive. Of course, don’t forget to celebrate your hard-earned smile!

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