BRO Staff Spotlight: Meet Allison

BRO Staff Spotlight Meet Allison

Each week we will spotlight one of our talented team members here at Blue Ridge Orthodontics. This week’s spotlight centers on a BRO team member based out of our Asheville and Hendersonville Locations.

Spoiler Alert:

This team member has a super cute and unusual pet, she has a cool hobby that involves the lake, and her favorite part of working at BRO is seeing our patients’ journeys. So, are you ready to check out what makes this team member so unique?

Everyone, Meet Allison!

BRO Staff Spotlight Meet Allison

Fun Fact about you:

“I have a pet mini pig named Ruby Kate. She lives inside and is about 16 pounds. I have been obsessed with owning a pig since I watched the movie “Uptown Girls” in 2003. She is the best pet ever, and pretty dang cute!”

What is the most unusual or interesting thing you’ve ever done?

“The most unusual thing I’ve done is let a pet mini pig live in my house. LOL”

Tell us about your role at BRO:

“I am involved in helping patients create payment plans for their specific treatment needs. In addition to helping patients who need oral surgery feel comfortable with their procedure. I am an advocate for the administrative employees as well as for our patients.”

What are 3 words you would use to describe BRO?

“I would describe BRO as loyal, charitable, and positive. Dr. Roberts has set a foundation at BRO where we consistently give back to our patients and community. It is amazing to be a part of each and every one of these contributions. For example, we host the only Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic in WNC. We have local providers such as dentists, oral surgeons, speech pathology, physiology, audiology, ENT, and more spend an afternoon in our office examining patients and making referrals for each patient based on their needs. This clinic is completely complimentary for CLP patients. This is something that WNC has needed for years as the closest clinics are in Charlotte, NC, or Columbia, SC.”

What is your favorite aspect about BRO?

“My favorite thing about BRO is the people I work with and the patients! At BRO we treat our employees and patients as family. We start seeing patients at the age of 7 and continue treating them throughout their orthodontic care up until the end of treatment with our Oral Surgeons for wisdom teeth extractions. So we are seeing them on a consistent basis for years! I love being able to see their journey.”

Where would we typically find you outside of BRO?

“In the summer you can find me wake surfing at Lake Hartwell. The lake is my favorite place in the whole world! In the winter you can find me snowboarding at either Catalooche, Sugar, or Beech Mountain.”


In conclusion, we hope you loved learning more about Allison as much as we did! Keep an eye out for her around our office, and be on the lookout for our next staff spotlight next week!

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