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Patient Appreciation

At BRO, we appreciate patients and their families who put their trust in us for their orthodontic care. Among the ways we say thank you are:

  • Patient Rewards Program

    Good hygiene and being on time for your check-ups and adjustments are important for successful orthodontic treatment. To make coming to the orthodontist more fun, kids choose something out of our prize box at each visit. And when kids have excellent hygiene, we reward them with color choices for their braces’ rubber bands.

    Both kids and adult patients receive a rewards card during the initial visit. You can earn points in lots of ways:

    – be on time for appointments

    – wear your appliance and rubber bands as instructed

    – maintain excellent oral hygiene

    – refer friends

    – participate in contests

    – wear your BRO t-shirt to your appointments

    Use the points you earn to play games online, win prizes, order gift cards and more!

  • Patient Appreciation Events

    BRO hosts appreciation events for patients, their family members and friends. Seasonal events have included Asheville Tourists games at McCormick Field with pre-game cook-outs and picnics, flash mobs and prizes. And reserved BRO seating at the Southern Conference Basketball Tournament.

  • Contests

    From coloring contests for our youngest patients to raffles for iPads, day trips, dining out and other prizes, our contests add to the fun of being part of the BRO family.

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