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Woman about to use Invisalign cleaning crystals on her aligners at home

Step by Step Guide to Invisalign Cleaning Crystals

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Invisalign cleaning crystals”? If you ask us, they sound dazzling, perhaps even a bit mystical! Okay, okay.... in reality, cleaning crystals may not be as mystical as they sound, but they…
Person picks tomato soup to eat after oral surgery

7 Foods To Eat After Your Oral Surgery in Asheville

If you are coming in for oral surgery in Asheville, it can be helpful to have some information about what to expect. One question that many of our patients at BRO have is “what can I eat after oral surgery?” This is a very good question…
Woman goes to orthodontist for retainer replacement in Asheville

5 Signs Your Retainer Needs A Replacement

After orthodontic treatment, you will need a retainer in order to maintain that perfect smile that you got through orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, we don't have the technology for an eternal retainer (yet). You will need to eventually…

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