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Girl with braces eats fruits

What Are the Best Foods to Eat With Braces?

Congratulations on your new braces! If you’re reading this because you’re rocking some new bling in your mouth, you’ve just taken a proactive step for both your appearance and oral health. Spending some time perfecting your bite and…
4 pictures of people who love their smiles

4 Reasons to Love Your Smile

A smile isn’t just the thing between your nose and chin.  It's actually a bunch of muscles that are attached to your brain. There are scientific reasons everyone should be smiling. 1) Smiling Helps Reduce Stress In 2012 scientists…
Sam is a participant in BRO's Blue Star Program

Blue Ridge Orthodontics Blue Star Program

One of the reasons our team loves working in orthodontics is that we get to change lives every day. Our Blue Star Program is one way we're able to do just that. Each year, Drs. Roberts and Alvarado and our team accept nominations for…

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