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Young girl learns interesting facts about braces

10 Facts about Braces That’ll Leave a Smile on Your Face

Braces probably seem pretty straightforward-- or should we say straight-teeth-forward? Dear readers, Please excuse this attempt at orthodontic humor; we can’t help ourselves... The overall process is simple: you get them put on by…
Woman shows off her adult braces

BRO’s Lifestyle Guide to Adult Braces

When you think “braces,” do you automatically picture a thirteen-year-old in his or her awkward phase? If you do, then it might be time to refresh that word-association, because more adults are getting braces than ever before! In fact,…
Patient with braces files to vacation destination

4 Essential Vacation Tips for Your Braces

Have any upcoming vacations on your calendar? (If so, can you pack us in your suitcase?!) While travel is fun and exciting, it can also be more challenging to take care of your braces or Invisalign. Whether you’re on the road or speed-walking…

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