Start braces or Invisalign during December, get a free ipad

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re giving away FREE iPads to our new patients!

Start Impressions, braces, or comprehensive Invisalign treatment during December to get a FREE 9th Generation 10.2″ iPad. 

All you have to do is fill out the form below to reserve your appointment. When you start treatment, we’ll hand over your shiny new iPad. Let us know if you want us to wrap it up from “Santa.”

During your first appointment, BRO’s top Invisalign experts will answer all of your orthodontic questions. Learn all about the different treatment options that Blue Ridge Orthodontics offers, and which treatment option makes the most sense for your smile and budget. We offer in-person and online consultations, that way no matter how busy you are, there’s an option for you!

4 Reasons Why Orthodontic Treatment is the Gift to Give this Season:

1. A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

Have you ever labored over finding the perfect gift, only for it to be forgotten about in the new year? That will not be the case with orthodontic treatment! A new smile will last a lifetime.

2. A dream smile impacts confidence forever.

A smile is a huge part of a first impression – so a new smile can greatly impact confidence levels. If someone you know is less than satisfied with their smile, orthodontic care is a solution to improve their self-confidence! A new smile is the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Orthodontic care is a need, not a want.

Orthodontic treatment is a gift that directly improves the patient’s health and confidence! Straighter teeth are easier to clean which cuts down significantly on gum disease, cavities, or jaw disorders.

4. Oh yeah, and treatment comes with a FREE iPad!

Don’t forget that we’re gifting our new patients a brand new 10.2″ iPad when they start treatment! It’s our gift to you! All you have to do is fill out the form to schedule a free initial consultation. 

Remember, this deal is only happening for one month and our supply of iPads is very limited. Be one of the first to schedule your consultation and reserve your savings.

Just fill out the form on this page or call us at 828-585-6045 and a team member will contact you to find the best time in your schedule.

Valid for those who start braces or Invisalign from 12/01/2021 – 12/31/2021. Not valid on previously signed contracts. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer cannot be redeemed or exchanged for other offers or for cash. The iPad will be gifted to the patient once treatment has begun. Ipads are limited.


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