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Woman uses her library card in Asheville

BRO Celebrates Library Card Sign-Up Month in NC

Why do we love libraries? Even though the internet has changed how many of us approach information gathering and research, there's something special about spending time in a great library. Surrounded by the smell of old books, it can be easy…
Child with braces goes back to school in Western North Carolina

Parent’s Guide to Going Back to School with Braces

It’s the time of year that all parents look forward to (and their kids secretly do too)一school has started once more! The beginning of a new school year can mean a lot to families in the Asheville area: new teachers to meet, new friends…
Foods that are included in the braces friendly diet

BRO's Unbeatable Braces Friendly Diet: It's Healthy & Fun

If you or your child just gotten braces for the very first time, one thing we'd like to share with you is our braces friendly diet plan! While the benefits of a perfect smile will pay dividends for years to come, many overlook the changes…

Staff Spotlights

Image of Karissa, BRO lead assistant in Asheville

BRO Staff Spotlight: Meet Karissa

Each week, we like to shine a light on one of the amazingly talented folks that comprise our team here at BRO. Through these spotlight features, our goal is to familiarize our patients and the BRO community in general with the amazing people…

Doctor’s Column