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Braces-Safe Holiday Food Guide

With the holidays quickly approaching, the opportunity to indulge in popular holiday foods is also getting closer. Holiday foods can be hard to turn down, but some of these staple treats can cause unwanted difficulties with braces. So what holiday foods are braces-safe and which treats should you skip until you get your hardware off? […]

The Ultimate Guide to Brushing Your Teeth with Braces

Have you ever heard someone say “…and eventually it’ll come as naturally as brushing your teeth!” in regard to a new habit – such as eating a healthier diet or working out? Brushing your teeth is a habit you’ve had ingrained since early childhood, so it’s fitting that people sometimes compare other good routines to […]

How Do Your Invisalign Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?

If you’re thinking of getting Invisalign here in beautiful Asheville, NC, you likely have a couple of questions. Most people who are considering any kind of orthodontics have questions and often those specifically considering Invisalign have even more. One of the biggest ones is “How exactly will Invisalign aligners actually straighten my teeth?” The discreet and […]

10 Facts about Braces That’ll Leave a Smile on Your Face

Braces probably seem pretty straightforward– or should we say straight-teeth-forward? Dear readers, Please excuse this attempt at orthodontic humor; we can’t help ourselves… The overall process is simple: you get them put on by a reputable orthodontist, you wear them, you get them taken off, you wear your retainer. You probably know plenty of people […]

BRO’s Lifestyle Guide to Adult Braces

When you think “braces,” do you automatically picture a thirteen-year-old in his or her awkward phase? If you do, then it might be time to refresh that word-association, because more adults are getting braces than ever before! In fact, the American Association of Orthodontics reports that about one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. […]

4 Essential Vacation Tips for Your Braces

Have any upcoming vacations on your calendar? (If so, can you pack us in your suitcase?!) While travel is fun and exciting, it can also be more challenging to take care of your braces or Invisalign. Whether you’re on the road or speed-walking to make your connecting flight, travel can be hectic. No matter whether you’re […]

What Are the Best Foods to Eat With Braces?

Congratulations on your new braces! If you’re reading this because you’re rocking some new bling in your mouth, you’ve just taken a proactive step for both your appearance and oral health. Spending some time perfecting your bite and teeth is bound to leave you…well, smiling! But in the meantime, it can take some time to […]

Blue Ridge Orthodontics Blue Star Program

One of the reasons our team loves working in orthodontics is that we get to change lives every day. Our Blue Star Program is one way we’re able to do just that. Each year, Drs. Roberts and Alvarado and our team accept nominations for children in our community who are in need of orthodontic care […]

BRO Invisalign Teen Open House – RSVP Today!

Have you been considering orthodontic treatment for your son or daughter? Our Invisalign Teen® Open House is right around the corner, and we’d love to see you there! Join Drs. Roberts and Alvarado on Wednesday, June 24th for pizza, ice cream, music, and prizes! We’ll be giving away a Lenova Yoga to one lucky winner, and […]

Invisalign Open House

Have your teeth shifted as you’ve gotten older? Does your bite bother you or cause you pain? Are you wondering if Invisalign could work for you? Come to our Invisalign Open House! Thursday, March 26th 5 pm – 7 pm Food & Drinks Door Prizes Special Pricing to Start Treatment Same Day! Blue Ridge Orthodontics 2 […]